Flatwhite. More than just a coffee.

Flatwhite. More than just a coffee.

Longblack x Vikkipedia socks lookbook

Socks are like boyfriends. 😂

There’s just something about brand new socks. They’re fresh, clean and in the best shape of their lives. You can’t pinpoint why they’re so comforting; could be the material, the pattern, or just how they feel on your feet. They just feel… right, like the cute guy you have a crush on.

But after a few months, things start to fall apart... 😂

They let themselves go. They go out of shape. Some of them even embarrass you in public. We all know that feeling when you walk into a house party - just as you’re about to be a good guest and take off your shoes (in comes horror movie soundtrack) - YOU HAVE A HOLE IN YOUR SOCK! 😱

Socks are constantly around our lives as an essential item of clothing but in the recent years, they’ve gained recognition as a fashion accessory.

The coolest sock company in New Zealand, Longblack, who specialises in high-end socks for men, has launched a new range of socks for girls named, Flatwhite. (Cute!) I got this amazing opportunity to work with Longblack and style the Flatwhite range! Let me show you how socks can be worn in a fashionable way, or more specifically, in the ‘Vikkipedia’ way… 😂

Bang Bang Bang - wearing socks the “street style” way

Wearing sneakers without socks will never go wrong. 

But wearing them with a pair of cute socks could really lift your look - adding edge to the outfit, making it more interesting. 

This first look is a 90’s street style outfit inspired by the arcade games!

I styled these cute polka dot socks from the Flatwhite range with a pair of Old Skool Vans but they’ll work well with any sneakers. 


As if 'single denim' isn’t enough, I decided to 'suit up' in my Canadian Tuxedo. 😂 I wore my denim jacket as an off-the-shoulder top and accessorised with the blingest choker from Ruby and a camo hat from Zara. I wanted to dress as a gamer girl so I wore denim shorts but the socks will look great with cropped jeans too. 

Motto of the outfit (and my life in general): Don’t take it too seriously! 😂


Cap  |  Zara (Similar here)
Choker  |  Ruby
Denim Jacket  |  ASOS
Denim Shorts  |  Gigi Hadid x Tommy Hilfiger
Socks  |  Flatwhite via Longblack
Sneakers  |  Vans

Project Runway - wearing socks the “high-fashion” way

I used to think wearing socks with open-toe shoes is like the Trump administration colluding with Russia – it’s a no-go zone. But socks and heels are so IT right now. I’ve decided to stop worrying about what people think and start rocking this style trend!

For the second look, I styled these edgy chevron socks from the Flatwhite range with a pair of leather open-toe heels from Ruby. The bow on these shoes goes well with the pattern but any strappy heels could work with these socks.

I rocked an Acne Studios oversized kimono dress and a gold mirror clutch from MM6 to create a runway look. To adorn the plunging neckline, I wore my favourite Ingot Choker from Captve.

If the fashion runway doesn’t find me, I’ll just create one for myself – in the carpark! 😂


Sunnies  |  Mont Blanc via NZSale
Dress  |  Acne Studios (Similar here)
Clutch  |  MM6 Maison Margiela
Socks  |  Flatwhite via Longblack
Heels  |  Ruby

Home Sweet Home - wearing socks at home

Auckland weather’s temper is getting worse day by day, just like mine! 😂 Nothing quite fixes the shitty mood brought on by the shitty weather than a pair of comfy socks when you’re bumbling around at home.

For the last outfit, I styled these cute 3-toned socks with a sweat tunic from one of my favourite Japanese brands, Undercover.

My new favourite accessories are these 90’s serial-killer-inspired frames with non-prescription lenses. 😂 Sometimes you want to look cute for yourself, even if no one else is watching! 


Dress  |  Undercover
Glasses  |  Jeepers Creepers via ASOS
Socks  |  Flatwhite via Longblack

Massive thanks to Longblack for this amazing collab opportunity, STKKids for being my #boyfriendofinstagram and last but not least, Sky from The Black Studio for keeping my hair 100 on this shoot and being the 2nd photographer! 

With Longblack’s ‘sockscription’ service, you can swap your new ‘sock boyfriend’ for a new one every month! So… Have I convinced you to ditch your old boyfriend for this one? 😂 xx

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