All Eyez On Me

All Eyez On Me

2Pac Tribute Lookbook


My first memory of Tupac Shakur goes waaaaaaay back to art class in high school. Being a geeky Asian girl who was constantly falling in and out of love between Backstreet Boys, Hanson (I know… and I liked Taylor the most i.e. the one that looked like a girl) and Leonardo DiCaprio, who would have thought hip-hop would come into my life and drag me out of my sickeningly sweet love of pop music and dump me into the world of 'Fuck Tha Police', replacing my love for the ‘blonde guy in the boy band’ with 'N!ggaz with Attitude' and switching my boy-crazy state of mind to the 'N.Y. State of Mind'?

The brown boys in my art class were the coolest kids in our year. I remember one random evening, we all stayed behind after school to finish off our paintings when one of the boys blasted this random CD on his boombox…

“I won't deny it, I'm a straight ridah
You don't wanna fuck with me…”

Mind = Blown. I snuck up to his desk and looked at the photocopied album cover while the burnt CD was blasting at full volume in the classroom.

“2-Pack”, I said to myself in my head (no shit I thought that’s how you pronounce his name 😂), “I’m gonna start listening to your music.”

This opened up a whole new world for me. 

You might think, “Your life is sweet as, Vikki. To be honest it doesn’t get any further removed from the life in South Central L.A… What have you got to bitch about?”

2Pac actually came into my life at the right time. Because of hip-hop music, I felt a sense of belonging.

Being Asian aka the ‘model minority’ in New Zealand, didn’t mean I was unscathed from racism. The constant questioning of 'Where are you from? No, really… Where are you really from?', to the condescending 'greetings' of 'ni hao' and 'konnichiwa' (I ain’t even Japanese), or worse, the 'go home gook' I faced in the 90's… Pac understood what it was like to be suppressed, discriminated, and being an outcast.

And what did he do? He fucking resisted that shit. He wasn't afraid to speak up and tell people to fuck off. 

Fast-forward to 2017, someone’s finally making a film on 2Pac! I’d like to release a tribute lookbook before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon and claims how they fuck with Pac’s music when they haven’t even heard of him before the movie!

Note: In true Vikkipedia fashion, this lookbook is my own take on Tupac’s fashion. I’m not directly copying and dressing up as him ‘cos

Pac’s a hip-hop legend and I’m a sweatshop Asian
He’d be blazin’ while I’d be amazin’

The above rhyme has just proved how I’m NOTHING like 2Pac. I better stick to what I know best - creating modern, wearable looks that are inspired by one of the most iconic figures in hip-hop, Tupac Shakur.

Pac – King of Layering

Pac was not only one of the greatest visionary in hip-hop, he was also one of the greatest visionary in street fashion. He layered like a boss in the early 90’s as if he foresaw everyone jumping on the bandwagon 20 years later. 

My first outfit is inspired by his character Bishop from the movie, Juice

Trust me, if my hair texture is like Pac’s, I would have got his haircut from Juice. But it ain’t gonna happen so I got myself a bandana to amp up the street vibe.

But Vikkipedia does Vikkipedia so she ain’t gonna copy outfit for outfit. So I added a touch of femininity by swapping out a normal hoodie for a hoodie dress. You can easily wear this outfit with any sneakers but I decided to pair this outfit with some over-the-knee boots to amp up the sassiness.

Just remember:
Layer 1 - Hoodie
Layer 2 - Crew Neck Sweatshirt
Layer 3 - Denim Jacket
Layer 4 - The ‘I-don’t-give-a-fuck’ attitude 😂


Hoodie  |  H&M (Similar from Glassons)
Crew Neck Sweatshirt  Detroit vs Everybody
Denim Jacket  ASOS
Bandana  Look Sharp Store
Boots  ASOS

Poetic Justice (And I’m not talking about Kendrick Lamar’s song 😂)

Ok I cheated - I didn’t base my second outfit on Pac. Instead, I dressed up as Pac’s love interest Justice (played by Janet Jackson) in the film, Poetic Justice - ‘cos girl’s got her outfit on lock! Why didn’t I look this cool when I was at school… 😭

Forcing Pac to hang out with me 😂

Forcing Pac to hang out with me 😂

To give the look an update, I’ve swapped Janet’s scoop neck top for a turtleneck. My chunky black booties weren’t the best choice of footwear for scootering but they look bloody good with cropped mom jeans. 

My vibe here is probably more Clueless than Janet 😂 but the beret is BACK this season! It’s my go-to for a bad hair day! (Especially when I’m on my ‘3rd day hair’… 😏)

Shame on me - I laughed at my sister when she sent me a link from The Iconic asking if she should get a double-buckle belt. 6 months later, here I am rocking the double-buckle belt! 😂 

Don’t forget - it ain’t streetwear without a pair of oversized silver hoop earrings - your girl’s got them since she was 15 and that was a looooong time ago! 😂



Beret  |  Glassons
Roll Neck Top  |  Glassons
Jeans  |  Topshop
Boots  |  Puzzle from i.t. (Similar here)
Belt  | The Iconic (Similar here)

Pac’s courthouse #ootd

If Trelise Cooper ever reads my blog, I don’t think she would’ve thought her clothes would be featured in a 2Pac Lookbook! 😂

My third outfit is inspired by the infamous moment when Pac walked out of court and spat at the reporters. (Check out how the reporter said, “2-Pack” in the video - See? I wasn’t the only loser! 😂)

I wore this gorgeous Trelise Cooper top with a pair of wide-leg trousers. You can easily dress this outfit up by losing the red bandana and swap the Air Force 1’s with a pair of strappy heels. 

Adorn yourself with some bling - I ditched the idea of picking up a whole bunch of gold chains as chunky as Flava Flav’s clock from Look Sharp ‘cos this lookbook is not meant to be a cosplay. 

So I went for something more modest - the cross pendant I won from a bible recitation competition (I can write this experience up as a whole new blog post 😂) and my staple Zoe & Morgan + Captve rings! ❤️


Top  |  Trelise Cooper
Trousers  |  Zara (Similar here)
Sneakers  |  Nike Air Force 1
Bandana  |  Look Sharp Store

I watched All Eyez On Me in Albany as soon as it came out ‘cos that’s one of the first cinemas screening this movie. Without giving too much away, I’d say Tupac fans out there would really enjoy this biopic. It also made me wonder how the world would be if Tupac was still alive… Would he call out Donald Trump on Twitter? Would he lead the Black Lives Matter movement? What would he think of mumble rap? 😅

On a final note, I so did not know Thug Life is the acronym of "The Hate You Gave Little Infants Fucks Everybody" - Be kind. Don't be a dick to others.

Fuck hate. Preach love. Peace out! xx

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