Ups and Downs Vol. 2

Ups and Downs Vol. 2

Back-to-school Sneaker Lookbook

One of my first blog posts was a crash course on dressing up your sneakers. That was Dec 2016… I said Vol.2 will be out in the new year and I’ll ‘take you back to the street’!

And here we are today, 5 months deep into the 2017.😂 (Better late than never, right?)

After 7 months of blogging, what I love the most are the awesome people that believe in me even though we've never met! 😭 I was shocked to find out that some of my followers aren’t from New Zealand or Australia. They’re all the way out in Europe, Russia, America… It warms my heart to see how you guys actually bother reading and engaging in the content I create. 💕

One of these amazing people is literally on the other side of the world - Poland! A beautiful, driven and smart high school student, Weronika is one of my first supporters. Every time I feel deflated about not getting the results I was after, or questioning myself whether or not I should keep blogging, it is people like Weronika that keep me going.

A little while ago, Weronika suggested that I should do a back-to-school lookbook. It’s a brilliant idea, except that I have no idea when students are back at school ‘cos my uni days are waaaaaaay behind me lol… But it doesn’t stop me from dressing too young for my age! 😂😂😂

So here we are - Vikkipedia would like to dedicate this back-to-school sneaker lookbook to Weronika 💕(as if I’m making a shout-out on the radio)! 😂


1. Adidas Superstar

No joke - I started wearing Adidas Superstar like 10000 years ago, long before the dinosaurs have gone extinct and everyone jumped on the 'Superstar bandwagon' as these shoes became the coolest ‘it’ sneakers for the sport chic trend. 

As you can see, mine aren’t in the freshest state - they are soooooo old! In fact, they’re from the Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary limited edition collection, which means you can’t get the exact same pair but you can easily get another colourway.

I styled these with "mom jeans" that cut off just above the ankle - perfect for showing off the shoe and making petite people like me look less stumpy. To fake having longer legs, I tucked in my top to raise my waistline.

I fell in love with the drape detailing at the back of this Rick Owens top! It's such an awesome purchase ‘cos you can totally dress it up or down. If you're not ready for a splurge, just swap the top with any fitted skivvies to recreate the look. Pop on some big hoop earrings and take yourself back to the 90’s schoolyard! 


Top  |  Rick Owens
(Cheaper but just as cute alternative from Nordstrom)
Jeans  |  Topshop
SneakersAdidas Superstar
(More colourways via Loaded NZ)
Earrings  |  So old they’re probably from Ladies Market in Hong Kong 😂
(Similar here)

2. Nike Huarache

Nike Huarache is like a flattering version of Reebok Pump. (I can feel Reebok Pump fans chucking eggs at me through their computer screens right now!) Huaraches have a lot of panels like Pumps but they leave the ankle bare, making them extremely versatile even for girl clothes! 

For this look I wore these drop crotch pants from Mercibeaucoup, with a Ruby white skivvy and an oversized denim jacket. (Believe it or not - Mercibeaucoup, is NOT a french label! (I didn't put the comma there by mistake - the brand mark actually includes the comma!) It’s a Japanese designer brand that does crazy clothes which a lot of us in NZ would be like, wtf - which is why I love their stuff.)

I completed this look with a I Love Ugly x Jansport school bag, stolen from my boyfriend’s closet! 

Note: Thinking of copping some Huaraches? I suggest going half a size bigger. I’m normally an EU 36 / US 5.5 or 6 (w) / UK 3. I don’t have wide feet but they run small even for me ‘cos these shoes are designed to wrap snugly around your feet like socks. You don’t have much room to move if you get them at your usual size. 


Top  |  Ruby (Similar here)
Pants  |  Mercibeaucoup, (Similar here)
Sneakers  |  Nike Huarache
Denim Jacket  |  ASOS
School Bag  |  I Love Ugly x Jansport (Similar here)


3. Nike Air Max Thea

These shoes are bomb! They are sooooooooo flattering. They make the widest feet - like the ones of Cinderella’s sisters who tried to jam their big fck-off hooves into the glass slipper, look slender. 😂

I wore them with some denim dungarees and a sports bra. For more coverage, I wore a Charlie’s Laundry bomber jacket over the outfit. To give this “#allblackeverything look” a pop of colour, I accessorised with an I Love Ugly 5 panel hat in red! 

Note: Theas are great shoes for everyday wear but they’re totally not made for playing basketball and being a poser like me, I actually bought a basketball as a prop for the shoot hahahaha… 😂

I hope you found some cute outfit ideas for your next semester, term or whatever students call these ‘periods of time’ on the school calendar. 😂 Now does anyone out there wanna see this lookbook on YouTube? Stay tuned! xx



Bomber Jacket  |  Charlie’s Laundry
Sports Bra  |  Alexander Wang x H&M (Similar here and here)
Overalls  |  Topshop
Hat  |  I Love Ugly
Choker  |  Bread and Butter Letter
Sneakers  |  Nike Air Max Thea

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