This Is April Vol. 2

This Is April Vol. 2

Layer, Layer, Dress on Fire! 

The art of layering is like a Salvator Dalí painting. There’s a fine line between genius and madness. On an off-day, layering could make you look like the Michelin Man. The excessive layers are unflattering and clumsy. On a good day, layering could make you look like Margaret Zhang, or any Frenchwoman. 

Does anyone remember the little old lady that tried to restore a fresco of Jesus in a Spanish church? If my level of layering skills can be summed up in an image, it will be this:


I wasn’t always a fan of layering. I was a faithful believer of the “Don’t-Wear-Layers-If-You’re-Short” cult for years. But then Instagram happened - my eyes were open to a world of petite bloggers layering and looking spectacular. 

That was my epiphany - I was getting it all wrong. Layering works wonders if the hemline of each layer ends at the right spot! An outfit looks 1,000,000 times more chic when you play the layering game right. You can also create new clothing combinations, giving new life to your old clothes! 

In this lookbook, you’ll witness my novice attempt in creating 2 outfits with 1 dress through layering and accessorising. 

Dresses are like the friend that spots you lunch when you “forget your wallet”. 😏 Whenever I run out of time and lose hope in looking half-decent for an occasion, the dresses in my wardrobe will say, “Don’t worry Vikki, we got your back!”

Let’s see how my dresses “keep it real”! 😂


Floral Dress

Look 1 - 80’s office lady

Working as a creative in an ad agency means I can wear whatever I want. 😏 To purposely rebel against the great design principle of KISS 💋 (Keep it simple, stupid!), I’ve created an “oh-no-you-didn’t” outfit by clashing this floral dress with a patterned belt. I got a couple of pattern-wearing tricks up my sleeve:

  1. Mix patterns with different density (The floral pattern on the dress is a lot smaller than the pattern on the belt.) 
  2. Match items with the same base colour (In this case, green hues.)

The end result: Me as an Impressionist painting! 😂

Water Lilies  by  Monet

Water Lilies by Monet

Urban Jungle  by Vikkipedia 😂

Urban Jungle by Vikkipedia 😂


Dress  |  This Is April (Cute alternatives from Topshop & ASOS)
Belt  |  Aunt’s hand-me-down 😂 (Other statement belts here, here and here)
Earrings  |  Ruby (Same design in silver)
Bag  |  Massimo Dutti 
Shoes  |  Le Saunda (Chaos and Harmony alternative here)

Look 2 - “Busker-chic” (Yep I made this up!)

How does an 80’s office lady turn into a busker? Give her a black waistcoat and a fedora hat! 😂 

A waistcoat is perfect layering-essential for your trans-seasonal wardrobe. It breaks up a busy pattern and give the outfit structure. Accessorise with a black leather choker and black lace-up booties for a "wanderer" vibe. I’ve even brought my trusty Deadly Ponies leather backpack to collect my busking money! 

All that’s missing is a guitar case! 😂


Dress  |  This Is April (Cute alternatives from Topshop & ASOS)
Waistcoat  |  Zara (Similar from Nordstrom)
Hat  |  Anthropologie (Similar here)
Backpack  |  Deadly Ponies
Boots  |  Topshop (Similar here)


Knot Dress

Look 1 - 50’s Desperate Housewife

The knot trend is everywhere right now! Knotting adds textures and makes an outfit interesting. This dress by This Is April has the knot detail around the waist to slightly cinch the waistline, giving it a relaxed yet flattering silhouette. 

Style it with a retro headband, pearl clip-on earrings and a quilted purse and you’re ready for high tea at Langham or be a lady of leisure! 😂


Dress  |  This Is April (Similar here)
Headband Aland (So many options here!)
Earrings  |  Mum’s hand-me-down 😂 (Alternatives here and here)
Bag  |  Massimo Dutti (Cute alternative from Nordstrom)

Look 2 - Backstreet’s Back

Every time I think of wearing a shirt I have this image in my head.

My abs are nowhere near as impressive as Kevin or AJ’s in 1996, and it’d be absolutely inappropriate if I just leave my top unbuttoned with nothing underneath! But shirts are such great wardrobe essentials - and a must-have for layering!

Leave it unbuttoned and tie the ends around your waist to give your dress a new, relaxed look!

A pair of white Air Force 1’s goes with literally anything in the wardrobe - a great way to dress down your dress if you wanna look different from everyone else while they’re all wearing Stan Smiths or Superstars. 😏


Dress  |  This Is April (Similar here)
Shirt |  H&M (Cute Topshop alternatives here, here and here!)
Crossbody Bag  |  Bestie’s hand-me-down 😂
(Cute Rebecca Minkoff alternative here)
Sunnies  |  Dior 
Sneakers  |  Nike Air Force 1


Little Black Dress

East-meets-West by  Diane von Furstenberg

East-meets-West by Diane von Furstenberg

East-meets-East by Vikkipedia 😂

East-meets-East by Vikkipedia 😂

Look 1 - East Meets East

The oriental trend in fashion (Wait, did I use the word “oriental”? Oh well I’m Asian so I’m allowed to 😂) is still going strong in 2017. Kimono is another great item for layering. The wide sleeves create interesting structures while the waist tie still gives the overall look a feminine shape.

To accentuate the frilly hemline of this LBD by This Is April, I’ve chosen a kimono that end above the dress to show the layers. You can tie the kimono up to create a tiered effect or leave it open for a more structural silhouette. Style with a pair of wooden clogs to amp up the Japanese vibe.  


Dress  |  This Is April (Similar here)
Kimono  |  Sass & Bide (Cute Topshop alternatives here and here!)
Clogs  |  Charles and Keith (Similar from Chaos and Harmony)


Look 2 - Run This Town

This dainty little black dress can turn into a badass mofo with the help of layering! I toughened up the outfit by wearing a pleather skirt over the top of the dress. Show off your layering game with a skirt that ends above the hemline of your dress underneath - it looks more stylish than looking like you just wore a black top with your leather skirt!

To break up the black, you can throw on a denim jacket especially for the chilly autumn nights. Complete the look with some gangsta studded heels, aviators sunnies and a bold red lip and you look like you gon' run this town tonight like Rihanna


Dress  |  This Is April (Similar here)
Denim Jacket  |  ASOS
Skirt Mad Love (Similar from Charlie’s Laundry)
Heels  |  Sol Sana

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