Tale as old as time

Tale as old as time

Beauty and the Beast Lookbook

Every girl wants to be a princess at some point in their lives. So did I! 

But I never wanted be a head-to-toe-in-pink, tiara-wearing kinda princess. Remember when you were little and all the girls fought over who would be the pink Power Ranger? I didn’t give a shit ‘cos I wanted to be the Red one. 😂 Or when Spice Girls were massive (just sorta exposed my age 😭) and everyone in the group fought for the spot to be Baby Spice, I was like “yeah whatever” ‘cos I wanted to be Sporty Spice. Or when everyone wanted to be Sailor Moon (the only pro is that she gets to be with Tuxedo Mask) I’d rather be Sailor Jupiter. 

I’ve always looked up to female characters that are strong, perhaps a little stubborn but still feminine and beautiful. Therefore, Belle from Beauty and the Beast is by far my favourite Disney Princess!

Belle is #inspo. She is curious, headstrong and brave yet she manages to maintain gentle, graceful and compassionate. 

I find myself often drawn to things or people that are slightly awkward or unusual ‘cos I feel like there’s more to be discovered, more layers to be unfolded. I especially love how Belle manages to see past the Beast’s menacing appearance to find a lonely, tortured soul and loves him for who he is.

I know, I know… It’s fucking ironic that I’m sitting here blogging about shopping, fashion, beauty, pretty much everything perceived as “shallow” while I’m telling you to not judge a book by its cover. But I strongly believe whatever you do, it needs to come from the heart. If your heart is not in the right place, no matter how much pretty shit you slap on yourself, you’ll come off like Salt Bae throwing a slab of meat around

The Beauty and The Beast live-action remake is about to hit New Zealand and I’m as excited as the audience that each got a car on Oprah. To pay homage to one of the best animated movies of all time, I just wanna say, “Tonight Simon, I’m going to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast!” 😂

Note: The intention of this lookbook was NOT to make myself look exactly like Belle. The idea is to create modern, wearable outfits that are inspired by Beauty and The Beast.


The intelligent, joyful Belle


Belle loooooooves reading. Vikki, not so much… My completion rate for 99% of the books I’ve ‘read’ is sitting at around 21.64%. My patience starts to wear thin the moment I see ‘You can skip ad in 5 seconds’ on YouTube.

For a unique, modern take on Belle’s classic white blouse and blue dress, I’m dressed head-to-toe in Charlie’s Laundry. One of the perks of going out with a fashion designer is that you get your gears custom-made! 😏


The 18th century puff sleeves on Belle’s original outfit have been updated to kimono sleeves, pairing with the baby blue overalls dress to achieve a contemporary, street style inspired look. If I ditch the basket, swap my ballet flats to sneakers and wear my hair differently, this outfit is totally all good for everyday wear. 

Beauty and the Beast  or  The Sound of Music ? 😂

Beauty and the Beast or The Sound of Music? 😂

Special thanks to the good folk at Dominion Books for allowing us to shoot in your beautiful store, climbing up and down the ladders and making people that are actually looking for books walk around our stuff. You guys are awesome x

I take my Belle performance seriously but I ain't going nowhere without my  Captve Column Ring ! 😂

I take my Belle performance seriously but I ain't going nowhere without my Captve Column Ring! 😂


The courageous, defiant Belle

Belle is brave. She tried to protect her horse Philippe by fending off a pack of wolves in the forest. I love how courageous she is - even though she is completely sober! 😂

My kinda CGI 😂

My kinda CGI 😂

To re-enact the forest scene, I’ve added a Charlie’s Laundry maxi jacket over the top of my previous outfit, inspired by the cape Belle wore while she was running from the Beast’s castle. I didn’t have CGI budget for the wolves so I’m really letting my method-acting skills shine here by hitting the air with a stick. I was #fierce. I was a hybrid of Belle and one of the members of Kingdom Hearts’ Organization XIII. 😂

Some real gangster designer notes include: the hoodie design is constructed in a square shape instead of an oval shape, which means the top of the hood will always stay flat. It will never have that ugly pointy tip like a KKK robe. 😂 The pleating at the back is inspired by the 70’s maxi jackets featured on Vogue magazine. It’s a perfect autumn/winter maxi jacket - just swap the Belle outfit with little black dress and some strappy heels and you’re good to go.

Not a pretty fighter, just a winner (2Pac 's  Hit 'Em Up  playin' in my head) 😂😂😂

Not a pretty fighter, just a winner (2Pac 's Hit 'Em Up playin' in my head) 😂😂😂

Special thanks to Sony Pictures New Zealand for lending me one of your precious special very limited edition glass jars for my “enchanted” rose! xx


The graceful, enchanting Belle

Who could forget Belle’s iconic, yellow ball gown? I would love to have one but the chances of me rocking a gown like that is as slim as me having the chance to wear Guo Pei’s empress gown Rihanna wore to the Met Gala 2015! 

So here’s my Kiwi take on this look - I’m wearing Miss Crabb’s Helena Slip in Kowhai, Amore earrings from Ruby and Miss Crabb x Mi Piaci black mules - all from New Zealand designers! Woop woop! 🇳🇿

Thank you for making it to the end of this Beauty and the Beast special edition lookbook! After looking at 1000000 photos of my best attempt in acting as one of the most iconic characters in the history of animation and probably completely butchering it, you’ve officially got to the best part of the entire thing. The BEAST!

Don’t judge a book by its photo above! Beyond Milo’s aggressive, threatening, intimidating appearance is a gentle, beautiful soul. He is such a big part of our family! You’ll surely be seeing more of him on my blog! 😍😍😍

FYI - I just saw the advanced screening yesterday - without giving too much away, I just wanna say the movie is painstakingly beautiful. If you are mildly impressed with my rendition of Belle, you’re gonna wet your pants in the cinema ‘cos Emma Watson is AMAZING in Beauty and the Beast! I knew exactly what would happen but I still can’t help but cry myself through every scene. The whole thing is just so magical… GET. YOUR. TICKETS. NOW! 

I hope this lookbook helps bring out your inner Belle and a smile to your face! xx

While I was having fun being my favourite Disney princess, I had a team of talented creatives busting their arses and running around me. Thank you sooooooo much for the incredible custom-made outfits by Charlie’s Laundry, the talented @yohophoto and @stkkids for their amazing photographs, Justin for keeping us going by bringing us BK nuggets after shooting for 192318 hours, my sister @miloxpegzta for being the professional dog whisper, and last but not least Milo, for being my Beast(y) Prince! Love him to bits xx

Not sure if Milo would wanna hang out with me if I didn't share my BK Chicken with him... 😂😭

Not sure if Milo would wanna hang out with me if I didn't share my BK Chicken with him... 😂😭

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