Staycation: Auckland

Staycation: Auckland

A mini vacation lookbook


#ThrowingBack to 2014-2015, the number of travel bugs biting me was the equivalent of a bed bug infestation in a dodgy hostel. In the space of a year, I set foot on two continents I’ve never been to; America for a girls’ trip with a couple of my beautiful friends and Europe for my bestie’s wedding! Not to mention - ate/shopped up a storm in Japan with my sister and cousin, surprised my nanna by showing up in Hong Kong for her 80th AND went across the ditch to Sydney for another cousin’s wedding! 

If I were a boy I would be Pitbull. It was the best time of my life - but it also meant that my annual leave accruement ran as low as my bank balance… 😭

What can you do when you’re dying to travel but you’re short on leave and tight on budget? You go on a ‘staycation’! 😂


As New Zealanders, we’re constantly looking for the next opportunity to go overseas but we often forget how blessed we are. We live in arguably the most beautiful country in the world. 

I remember my Uncle Dominic once said, “The best thing about living in Auckland is that if you no matter which direction you travel on State Highway 1, you’ll reach a beautiful destination in half an hour.” 

Word Uncle Dom. The beaches, the mountains and the forests are just so accessible that we sometimes take them for granted. 

Aucklanders just had a couple of long weekends back-to-back so my boyfriend and I decided to momentarily detach ourselves from the PS4 console and play tourists - in Auckland! 😂


In true Vikkipedia fashion, everything is of course related to fashion! What better way to play dress up than making this ‘travel’ post a mini vacation lookbook? 

(Note: I’m totally NOT sponsored but I’m a fangirl for Blak - I’m so in love with their stuff that I decided to style of couple of summer outfits with their beautiful pieces.❤️️)


Shakespear Regional Park

A nature lover’s paradise, Shakespear Regional Park is only 45 minutes away from Central Auckland - so close you don’t even need to pay for the Northern Gateway toll! 😂

The views of this regional park is absolutely stunning. The native bush is in close proximity to the beaches - you can go for a hike then pretty much jump straight into the water to cool down!

"Act natural!" Nek minnit... 😂

"Act natural!" Nek minnit... 😂

Saturday Night Fever 😂

Saturday Night Fever 😂


Unlike the West Coast beaches, these waves are a lot ‘friendlier’ - a terrible swimmer like me can still doggy-paddle in water without feeling like I’m getting owned by the ocean.

Looking like we just walked out of a supermarket, we were carrying a bunch of plastic bags for gathering cockles (Please don’t be greedy - 50 per person is more than enough!) but of course I didn’t bother checking the tidal times on Metservice - the tide was high which means, no cockles bro! 

Recycling my cockle harvest pic

Recycling my cockle harvest pic


Although I had my trusty Adidas Superstar on, they aren't exactly the type of shoes you’d hike in. So we decided to go for an easy walk instead and opened the gate to the wildlife protected area for a taste of nature. 


A sign read, “Waterfall - 5 mins” - I thought, GREAT! After 15 minutes of taking a photo every 15 steps, we reached the smallest, driest ‘waterfall’ I’ve ever seen. It was probably as tiny as Trump’s stream when he takes a leak. 

Auckland had a couple of scorching weekends so understandably, the ‘waterdribble’ was less impressive than the Chris Warner seeing Harry’s penis on the iPad. I’m sure after a week of horrendous weather, the waterfall should be a lot bigger now! 😂


As we stood at the bottom of the forest covered by a thick canopy of native trees, we realised we’re in a small secluded paradise. Even though we were only 45 minutes away from the CBD, the hustle and bustle of Auckland is like a distant memory as we were surrounded by serenity.



Top  |  Blak (Sold out sorry! Similar here and here)
Denim shorts  |  One Teaspoon
Sneakers  |  Adidas Superstar (Similar from The Iconic or Adidas NZ)
Sunnies  |  Gentle Monster
Togs  |  Zulu & Zephyr (Similar here)


Mount Victoria Summit

Auckland is like your long-term boyfriend, you forget how awesome he is until you step back and look at him from a distance.

If you want to reignite that lost spark, I’d suggest taking a trip up Mount Victoria. 

Overlooking the Auckland skyline, the views from Mt Victoria Summit will make you fall in love with this city again. 


For those who can’t live a day without wearing high heels, you’ll be pleased to know that you can drive you car all the way up to the summit. 

I was initially drawn to the Super Mario-esque mushrooms just like the other 100+ tourists. “Great background for a cheesy selfie!” I thought. But then my boyfriend Nick disappeared. I started looking for him when I heard him yelling from underground, “Come down and check this out!” 


Underneath the footpath, there’s a gangsta as bunker! What makes it even more exciting is that the old artillery has been preserved immaculately!

Being the kid that pressed every single button every time I went to the museum, I climbed up and down the ladder and tried to turn every wheel and knob there was. And of course, none of the guns and cannons actually worked.

But then Nick and I looked at each other and did a mental high five - he pulled the camera out of his bag and turned the whole outing into an ad hoc photo shoot!


We had so much fun trying out different ways of shooting photographs, climbing up and down the cannon and hiding in alcoves that we completely lost track of time until we saw an orange hue paint over the bright blue sky. 


After spending a total of $0.00, we scored ourselves one of the best days this summer! 

Don’t let the wet weather dampen your explorer spirit! Make your hearts flutter for Auckland again. Now get out there and make use of what little is left of summer! x



Top  |  Blak
Culottes  |  “Thrifted” from mum’s closet (Similar from ASOS and The Iconic)
Shoes  |  Zara (Similar here and here)
Sunnies  |  Gentle Monster
Bag  |  Issey Miyake (Similar styles found at Scotties Boutique)


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