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I'm Sprung

Outfit, StyleVikkipediaComment
I'm Sprung

Spring transitional style

Spring is supposedly here my fellow Southern Hemispherers – which means longer days and shorter bottoms! Just as I thought I'd banish my stockings to the corner of my wardrobe, the weather turns into a windy and rainy mess. (If anyone knows what Donald Trump uses in his hair, please send me a link. I need it.) Sorry Legs - not time for you to see the sun yet.

To pepper your wardrobe with a spring vibe for the not-so-spring temperatures, you can start by moving into a lighter colour palette, but still stick to warmer textures and items like knits, hoodies and crewnecks. Here's a couple of outfit ideas for this temperamental Auckland Spring.

Culottes are great for the nippier Spring days. They're flowy, lightweight but still provide coverage. Pair them up with a light-coloured hoodie or crew to keep yourself warm. If you want to elevate the look without walking around in heels, wear them with a pair of ankle boots.  


Mockneck Crew & Hoodie |  Charlie's Laundry
Culottes |  Zara (similar here)
Boots |  LANVIN en bleu


Knit Dress
When you always feel like you're 'running out of things to wear', a knit dress is a great go-to. (For any weather really!) It looks put-together without looking like you're trying too hard. Opt for a boxier cut like what I've got on if your summer bod is still a work-in-progress like mine. (It's actually a jumper from Charlie's Laundry Menswear range - who says girls can't wear boy's clothes? If you're 5'3" like me you can even wear it as a dress!)

If it's too cold to bare your legs, you can layer up by wearing it over some boyfriend jeans for a cosier, more relaxed look. (Not gonna lie I literally reached out for my puffer jacket as soon as the photos were taken.)

A legit Spring Lookbook coming soon xx


Knit Dress |  Charlie's Laundry
Ripped Boyfriend Jeans |  Zara (similar here, super affordable here)
Kicks |  Air Jordan 3
Tassel Earrings Vanessa Mooney

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