Welcome to the Jungle - Part III

Welcome to the Jungle - Part III

Kenzo x H&M dresses lookbook

Christmas is suddenly approaching as if I’ve forgotten to pull up the handbrake of my car - it’s rolling down the driveway towards me.

I haven’t started Christmas shopping (I’m usually that girl that frantically grabs anything she sees in St Luke’s at 8pm on the 23rd of December) but I do have my priorities set in the right place - I’ve started brainstorming what to wear for Christmas!

Christmas usually brings out the vanity in all of us. Even if you sit on the couch in your stained t-shirt and greasy hair for 360 days of the year, it’s that time of the year when you must get out and make small talks. It’s not a crime wanting to look your best!

You’re probably scratching your heads thinking, “What should I wear to work’s Christmas party to save myself from any fashion faux pas when I’m absolutely wasted from the free alcohol?” “How can I look better than my sister-in-law?” “With all the binge eating, what should I wear to hide my food baby?”

The Kenzo x H&M collection pretty much covers every problem you could potentially run into! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the actual pieces – you can totally take the cues from this lookbook and create your own outfit!

1. Work Christmas party outfit: sweatshirt + maxi slip dress = no one can see your undies even if you are drunk.

I know, I know. The heading of this post is misleading. I said this was gonna be a Kenzo x H&M ‘dress’ lookbook but why the heck am I showing you a sweatshirt?

I think I found the winning combination: sweatshirt + maxi slip dress.

If a sweatshirt is too ‘dressed-down’ but you don’t want to turn up looking like you’re going to the ball, putting these two together ‘neutralises’ the outfit so it has the right amount of ‘formality’. The maxi dress provides a decent amount of coverage so if you have a few too many and stumble out of your uber ride, you still won’t flash your underwear to the world.

For this look, I’ve layered the Kenzo x H&M sweatshirt over Miss Crabb’s Helena Slip Dress in Kowhai to carry the yellow colour in the tiger emblem through the outfit. The heart-shaped statement earrings I found from the opshop compliments the red lettering on the top without looking too matchy-matchy. I wore my trusty neoprene boots again to give me some extra inches but you can easily swap them with a pair of slinky heels for a more formal look.

Everyone is wearing the slip dress + t-shirt combo to death right now. I thought I’d try something different and wear the slip dress as a skirt! What do you reckon? 😜


Sweatshirt  Kenzo x H&M
Slip Dress |  Miss Crabb
Boots |  Puzzle from i.t.

2. Family Christmas Lunch: pink tiger print knit dress to outshine everyone you don’t get along with.

Usually, this kind of shit belongs to the closet of your ‘I-refuse-to-dress-my-age’ aunt. But of course, Kenzo nailed it and created something ridiculously stylish from the 90’s inspired pastel pink tiger print that could potentially look like something that came out of a westie’s lounge room.

If you wanna stand out, this one is for you.

The dress is made out of a high-quality, weighty knit fabric. The cute turtleneck is perfect for one of those chilly, cloudy Christmas days in Auckland. (Hopefully I didn’t just jinx it for everyone.)

I styled it with a cropped neoprene blazer and my neoprene boots for an edgier look but you can totally wear a pair of pretty heels and take a nice clutch with you for a more summery, girly outfit.


Dress  Kenzo x H&M
Neoprene Blazer | Charlie's Laundry
Boots |  Puzzle from i.t.

3. Hide that food baby: eat up a storm and look chic in a flowy silk dress.

I just looked at the calendar now – I’m officially giving up on the ‘Shred for Christmas’ plan. I’ve left it too late and I’m about to drown myself in a sea of food for the next two weeks. But hey, whatever. Track pants with an elastic waist is not the only outfit option – you can still look great and feel comfortable this Christmas.

This beautiful Kenzo x H&M 100% silk dress is probably one of the quieter pieces in the collection. It’s extremely wearable for just about any occasion but it’s far from boring! I styled it with my maryjane platforms (which also appeared in Post 1) for a sweet, girly look.

The boxy cut combining with the flowiness of the fabric creates a very flattering fit without looking sloppy. You can hide that food baby (or a real baby) in this dress!

And this concludes my take on styling the Kenzo x H&M collection! I’m gonna save my “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” for later – I have 1-2 posts to go before I sign out for the year! x


Dress  Kenzo x H&M
Shoes |  Tsumori Chisato

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