Welcome to the Jungle - Part II

Welcome to the Jungle - Part II

Kenzo x H&M tops lookbook

Welcome to December, you awesome peeps! 🌞

The Kenzo & H&M collection was unfortunately more targeted towards the ‘Northern Hemispherers’, which means a lot of the pieces aren’t very summer-friendly. (Like this furry bomber jacket I decided to leave behind. Now I’m semi-regretting not getting it… 😭) 

But hey you know what? I don’t give a shit about this season thing. I’m frantically squeezing as many wears out of these items before the heat really hits us.

Life is good when you have a sister. 👭 Here’s Part 2 of my Kenzo x H&M lookbook, which I got to wear what I didn’t pay for: 😏

1. Sweatshirt

If you have read my Welcome to the Jungle Part 1 post, you’d know that I’m taking this pattern on pattern thing real seriously – to the point that I found the most colourful backdrop in Auckland and placed myself in front of it. 

Like the bomber jacket I styled in the last post, this sweatshirt is also in the mens collection. I think all the girls out there should go to the menswear section of a shop every now and then. You’d might find yourself a fashion gem or two. 

The ‘boyfriend’ wear has been a massive trend since what, like 2014? Boyfriend shirt, boyfriend jacket, boyfriend jeans, boyfriend this, boyfriend that… This sweatshirt is right on the ‘boyfriend’ money! 

With the signature Kenzo tiger emblem, this oversized sweatshirt looks dope when you pair it up with straight-leg jeans.

Straight-leg jeans are like the skinny jeans of 2016. They’re so ‘in’ right now. In my opinion they elevate a very ‘street’ item of clothing (the sweatshirt) into quite a luxurious outfit - especially when you throw on some metallic heels! 

Who says you can’t rock up to a Christmas party in a sweatshirt? 😎🎄

RE: these AMAZING wooden clog-like heels, I’ve got another story which has absolutely no relevance to the Kenzo x H&M collection.

Walked past Kathryn Wilson in early October when it was 5:30pm on a Sunday. The shop was closed but I ‘browsed’ through the window like a pervert peeping through someone’s keyhole and spotted these metallic heels. 


But Auckland weather was going ‘talk to the hand’ to my plans of wearing open toe shoes in October. So I talked myself out of buying them.

Then came November and nek minnit. Sold out! 


When it comes to shopping, I’m the most relentless and perseverant person. I went on the Kathryn Wilson’s website everyday after that and my hopes went back up when the website updated with “second shipment coming soon” In the speed of Usain Bolt running 100m, I rang them and said PLEASE hold me a pair!

Note to self: If you want something. Go get it. Period. The Pursuit of Happyness 😂

Open toe shoes + bare toenails = amateur.


Sweatshirt  Kenzo x H&M
Jeans |  ASOS
Shoes | Kathryn Wilson
Sunnies |  Karen Walker

2. Shirt

You can stick a Kenzo Tiger on anything and it looks amazing - even on a jester’s collar. 

This flowy, 100% silk shirt is an absolute bargain at $79.99. What makes it extraordinary is the detailing in the collar design. It’s not your usual shirt collar. 

Kenzo managed to combine two things from your Asian aunty - a beaded tiger emblem + a collar that has the resemblance of the doily under your cupcake, into something fashionable.

I styled this shirt with a pair of skinny ripped jeans for a black-on-black look.

To break up the blackness of the outfit, I’ve stolen mum’s 20-year old belt with this cute chain detailing (I love how fashion makes a comeback!) and grabbed a brown quilted leather clutch to create a slightly vintage look with a fitted silhouette.

Special mention: Anyone here from Southeast Asia? These Jeffrey Campbell platform oxfords reminds me of kuih lapis (a delicious coconut-flavoured rice flour pudding that has 1000 layers). The Kiwi equivalent would be Streets' Vienetta Ice Cream dessert.

Wearing these gave me the much-needed height without having to wear heels. Tucking your shirt in your high-waisted pants also help create an illusion of having longer legs if you’re 5’3” like me 😏. 


Shirt  Kenzo x H&M
Belt |  Mum's closet (similar here)
Clutch |  Massimo Dutti
Jeans |  Topshop
Shoes |  Jeffrey Campbell (similar here)

3. Tee

I’m wearing this t-shirt to the next Loud Shirt Day in the office!

The potency of the orange colour in this shirt is the equivalent of mixing 100% red with 100% yellow.

The easy way out of styling a t-shirt is always pairing it with denim bottoms. But I didn’t want to do that ‘cos I just like fucking with different combinations. So I’ve styled this loud t-shirt with a pair of shiny boxing shorts. 

This is ALSO an item from the mens collection so it looks quite oversized on me. To get around looking slopping, I tucked it in and pulled the waistline up to my natural waist to trick others into thinking I’m taller than my actual height. (Ahhh the beauty of a stretchy waistline apart from allowing room for your food baby 🍕🍔🍟🍗)

To complete the look, I chucked on my stilts 😂 - my favourite neoprene platforms and my Deadly Ponies leather backpack.

Now I’m ready for Loud Shirt Day, or a street protest! (You girl’s gotta look good even when you’re sitting on the street, right? 😂😂😂)

Looking as if I was attending Occupy Auckland on my own.


T-shirt  Kenzo x H&M
Choker |  From Japan (similar here)
Backpack  Deadly Ponies
Shorts |  Sandro
Boots |  Puzzle from i.t.

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