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Ups and Downs Vol. 1

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Ups and Downs Vol. 1

A crash course on dressing up your sneakers


Christmas is done and dusted! I hope you had an awesome one. I had a mini hiatus from blogging ‘cos I needed time to recover from all the drinking and eating! 🍷🍷🍷 + 🍗🍗🍗 = 😭

Just as I was about to switch on my PS4 and binge on Final Fantasy XV, I realised there’s no time to relax ‘cos 2017 is just around the corner! 😱 It’s New Year’s Eve in a couple of days and of course we all wanna dress up and paaaaaaartay! 😎🎊 You’ve probably got your favourite dress but have you got your footwear strategy sorted? 

If you don’t want to be the loser that shimmies on your seat to your favourite jam ‘cos your feet are too sore to stand on, this lookbook is for you!

I’m not telling you to stop wearing heels but sneakers have really stepped out of the gym and into the fashion game for the last couple of years. Here are three sneakers from my humble collection that could work for ‘formal’ occasions. If you don’t read this in time for New Year’s you can still try these looks for your next night out!

(Don’t ask me why I shot a sneaker dress-up lookbook in the park hahahaha… When you don’t have the hookups, the nature is your studio!)

Here we go:


1. Eytys Doja Canvas Sneakers

How’s the car parking situation in your city? Let me know ‘cos I’d love to compare yours with the current situation in Auckland. It’s so hard to find parking these days - I’d pretty much settle with anything that’s within 1km radius from my destination. 

I wonder if the parking dilemma in Auckland has affected the sales of high heels. 

Walking in heels is like running a marathon without any training - it never gets easier. 

For the first 100m you feel like, “This is a piece of cake!” When you hit the 300m mark you start thinking, “Ok… This doesn’t feel right…” If your destination is 500m+ away from where you parked, you’re too far gone to turn back but your feet are screaming in pain. 😭

Bounce to your dinner date in sneakers and you’ll still have your smile intact when you arrive!


The Look: mock neck tee + cutout dress + sneakers = date-fit outfit

Cut out dresses are quite a thing right now. If you’re not a fan of showing a bit of skin here and there, you can still wear it with a white tee and change it up to a structural, sophisticated look. 


Step up your accessories game with a pair of statement earrings and an oversized clutch to elevate the look. The detailing of the cut out dress makes it the hero of the outfit so I’d go for a pair of simple slip-on sneakers to complete the look. (Anything from Sweden is usually awesome just like these ones from Eytys, but I reckon a pair of classic white vans would work just fine!)

Ditch the tee underneath the dress and the look is formal enough for a wedding! 

The cutest photo bomber! x

The cutest photo bomber! x


Mock neck tee   Jacquemus
(Sold out sorry - but Ruby has something similar and it’s on sale!)
Cut out dress  |  3.1 Phillip Lim
(Extremely similar here, not so similar but super affordable here)
Sneakers  |  Eytys
(Souped-up leather version of my shoes on sale here!)
Earrings | H&M
(These guys from ASOS will work just fine!)
Clutch | ASOS
(similar here)


2. Puma by Rihanna Creepers

It’s technically summer here in New Zealand so fur coats are probably the last things on your mind right now. I know Christmas weather is traditionally iffy but is it just me or is there anyone else that are thinking of getting their puffer jackets out of storage? 

This outfit is probably more suitable for residents on the other side of the equator. If the fur coat is too buff for you, swap it with a tailored bomber jacket and you’re sweet as.


The Look: faux fur coat + slip dress + sneakers = wedding-fit outfit

I would have laughed off the idea of owning a fur coat 5 years ago ‘cos I’ve always thought they belong to my nanna’s wardrobe (or the wardrobe of Anne Batley-Burton aka Champagne Lady from The Real Housewives of Auckland) But then Ruby released its Bunny Coat… 😅

The fur is 0% bunny - it’s 80% acrylic and 20% polyester so you can rock it guilt-free! 

Partnering up the faux fur coat with a beautiful slip dress from Moochi, this look is like the child from a drunken affair between a ballerina and a pimp. 😂


The dress is unevenly cut - the front panel can be tied up for you to show a little bit of leg, which works very well with sneakers because the uneven line makes you (or even me at 5’3”) look less stumpy. You can easily replace it with any kind of lightweight slip dresses and any unicoloured sneakers to achieve a similar look. 


The coat is so loud so I opted for dainty silver jewellery to accessorise the outfit. 

Don’t thank me when you’re cutting shapes all night long at your friend’s wedding.🙅💁🙋🙆



Faux fur coat   Ruby (similar here
Dress  |  Moochi (A less spendy alternative here)
Sneakers |  Puma by Rihanna (similar here)
Earrings |  Luv AJ (similar here)
Rings  |  Meadowlark Chain Ring, Zoe and Morgan Shooting Stars Ring and Owl Ring (Sorry the other two rings are from Japan and Bali - thanks to my bestie! x)


3. Adidas Tubular Defiant

You’re 4 drinks deep at your New Year’s party and you start thinking, “Why the fuck did I bring my jacket with me? Now I have to chuck it in the middle of the group and dance around it.” 🍺🍺🍺🍺

I’ve been there. Your jacket might end up being the bonfire of the dance floor but sometimes beer coats just don’t cut it. Judging on this temperamental weather, you’ll NEED some form of outerwear when you get in and out of the club or when you embark on that long, drunken walk home from the countdown. (Or if you live in the Northern Hemisphere!)


The Look: leather jacket knit dress + sneakers = New Year countdown-fit outfit

Keep your birthday suit to yourself - swap your skimpy jersey body-con mini dress + sky high heels with a midi knit dress + sneakers this New Year’s Eve!


The knit clings to your body, providing a sexy, womanly silhouette without looking like you’re about to burst out of your sausage casing. Opt for a midi dress that ends just above your knees and you won’t get cut off in awkward, unflattering places. Rock your dress with your favourite high-top sneakers (The Adidas Tubular is great ‘cos the thick soles are like mini platforms, adding an inch or two to your height. But you can go for Nike Air Force Ones too - they are just as bomb! 💣) 


Accessorise your outfit with a pair of luxe tassel earrings and a tailored leather jacket to lift the whole look!

Hope this sneaker dress-up lookbook can help you say laterz to 2016 in style (and in comfort)! Vol.2 will be out in the new year - taking you back to the street! 😂😂😂

That’s all folks! Stay safe and have lots of fun! Thank you so much for showing Vikkipedia love. See y’all in 2017! xx



Leather Jacket  |  Vintage Lacroix
(Thanks Mum! You can find a similar and super affordable alternative here)
Knit Dress  |  Zara (similar here)
Sneakers  |  Adidas (alternative colourways here)
Earrings | Vanessa Mooney
(affordable Kiwi alternative from The Bread and Butter Letter)

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