All Black Everything - Part I

All Black Everything - Part I

Wearing your All Blacks jersey at work without looking like you just came out of the pub

The All Blacks have been killin’ it. (If you don’t know who these guys are, here’s some background info on the best sports team in the world!) 

The game of rugby is full of impact. It’s often pretty brutal on the players. So winning 18 consecutive games (which is a world record) is a pretty big deal. The All Blacks have been whipping everyone else’s arses - and I’m really loving it. 😏😏😏

Being an All Blacks supporter plays a major part in the Kiwi way of life. Almost everyone in New Zealand has an All Blacks jersey somewhere in their wardrobe. 

The Northern Tour is a biggie for the AB’s - perfect time to pull the jersey out and back our boys! Don’t let the away games put you off rocking it!

So for the next couple of weeks, I’ve put together a little lookbook to prove that our little black number can be worn outside your home or the stadium - fashionably (sort of)!

Multi-tasking done right: drinking nothing, talking to no one, looking at a blank screen 😂

Multi-tasking done right: drinking nothing, talking to no one, looking at a blank screen 😂

Part 1 - Work

When everyone tries to stay as far away from work as possible in the weekend, I snuck in to get this photo shoot on lockdown. (Shout out to my Sugar & Partners fambam!) This workplace don’t usually look dead AF like this. (Except the morning after advertising awards/parties… 😂😂😂)

To be honest, we are pretty blessed with the colour of the All Blacks jersey. You can totally treat it like a black top.

I’ve got the simplest formula to turn the rugby jersey into work attire. Here’s how I made it SFW:

Jersey + Long Sleeveless Blazer + Wide Leg Trousers + Booties (Wear glasses if you have any!) 

The blazer automatically makes you look well put together, while the sleevelessness prevents the outfit from being too proper and stuffy.

To make the whole look pop, accessorise with rings and a nice watch so you can look bling bling when you’re tippity-tapping away, radiation-bathing in front of your computer screen. 🌞 

And you know what the dumbest/funniest thing is? I had the Vikkpedia Facebook cover pic on screen in the boardroom, made myself a fake coffee (‘cos I suck at making a real one) and pretended to type shit up on my laptop, which wasn’t even switched on HAHAHAHAHAHA… and of course, I was talking to absolutely nobody on the phone! 

I feel like I’ve finally put my 4th form drama classes to good use. 

Watch this place for Part II and III xx



Sleeveless Blazer |  Zara (similar here)
Top |  All Blacks Jersey
Wide Leg Trousers |  "Thrifted" at my cousin's 😂 (similar here)
Booties |  Tsumori Chisato (similar here)


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