All Black Everything - Part III

All Black Everything - Part III

Wearing the All Blacks jersey on a night out!

Last week’s Ireland v All Blacks game was a nail-biter. The amount of yellow cards and penalties the All Blacks received probably exceeded the number of female private parts Trump has grabbed (NSFW unless you work in advertising like me lol). 

All Blacks coach Steve Hansen came out and shut the haters down.  

Shag (Steve Hansen) probably falls outside of my blog’s demographic but I just wanna say – you’re the man. 👍

Haters gonna hate. I actually thought he came off pretty gracious in the interview. If it was me, I would have lost my shit if anyone messes with my team.

To wrap up the All Blacks End of Year Tour in a fashionable way, I’ve styled it as a ‘going out’ outfit for the final look!

(Okay this is supposed to be an outfit for a night out but I still need the money to invest in a proper flash 💰 - so we’ll just have to pretend that the shoot happened at night time 😂)

When I showed my sister the photos, her first response was, “Did it smell like piss?” Hahahaha… Well, we shot in a back alley off K’Rd because we want the awesome graffiti as the backdrop. It didn’t smell like piss but it was indeed one of those, “Let’s get out of here ASAP” kinda situation. 

I honestly think the more you try to be careful about your clothes, the more likely you’ll fuck them up. I dropped my gangster as G-Star RAW leather jacket on the ground like 102910 times. 😭

Back alley rubbish + cigarette butts - 1, Vikki's leather jacket - 0 😂

Back alley rubbish + cigarette butts - 1, Vikki's leather jacket - 0 😂

Part 3 - Night Out

Here’s another simple Vikkipedia formula to make your All Blacks jersey fit for a night out in town:

Oversized Jersey + Mini Skirt + Strappy Heels + Leather Jacket (And swap your handbag for a clutch!)

Firstly, I’d suggest to start with an oversized jersey for this look. (Thanks to my mate Justin for lending me his!) 

Why? ‘cos you’re already wearing a short and fitted bottom so you don’t want the overly hugging, bodycon silhouette.

Pairing the oversized jersey with a mini skirt = a win-win situation! You’re showing off a lot of leg but the loose fitted top makes the outfit less Kardashian and more chic. This trend is coming! I have proof - even Who What Wear thinks so! 

You can add a touch of colour to your all-black outfit by accessorising it with a colourful clutch and some crystal drop earrings. 

As for footwear, don’t be afraid to throw on some playful strappy heels! 

To turn on your #slaymode, you can add a leather jacket as your outerwear. It keeps you warm at night when the temperature drops but it also elevates the look.

Lastly, chuck on some thick-framed sunnies if you're planning to go straight to breakfast from the clubs to watch the game. You might need them. 😂😂😂

Well that’s all the All Blacks outfit ideas I’ve got, for now! Good luck boys! Let’s wrap this year up with a win! xx

P.S. What’s your thought on the new jersey? (Hm… seems like it’s gonna be a great challenge to style one of these… Might grab myself one and make another All Blacks lookbook for the Lion’s Tour 😏) 


Leather Jacket | G-Star RAW (similar here)
Sunnies |  Karen Walker
Top |  All Blacks Jersey
Skirt |  Glassons (similar here)
Heels |  Senso (similar here)
Clutch |  COMME des GARÇONS 
Earrings |  H&M (not so similar but super cute alternative here)

Vikki | Fashion, Fun & Fail 😂

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