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All Black Everything - Part II

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All Black Everything - Part II

How to look ‘Ponsonby’ (okay maybe Grey Lynn) in an All Blacks jersey

After winning 18 consecutive tests, the All Blacks lost to Ireland. 

All of a sudden a few people took a sip of Haterade like this guy and the All Blacks became the shittest rugby team in the world.

The All Blacks are playing Ireland again this weekend. 

If you’re like me, you probably don't give a shit about the haters. (Don’t forget we smashed Italy last week!) You’re still gonna rock your AB’s jersey.

So you open your wardrobe and pull out the black jersey. You start putting it on… Oh hang on!

You’re going out on a lunch date in Ponsonby.

“Argh… I wanna dress to impress. Fck it I’m just gonna wear something else. Maybe a dress or something…”

Hold that thought! 

You can totally look feminine, stylish and not look like you just came off the field wearing an All Blacks jersey. 

Time to get creative! 

Part 2 - Lunch Date

By date I don’t mean it has to be a ‘date’ date. It could be lunch at a fancy cafe with some girlfriends - basically an occasion where you just wanna look fancy without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Here’s the simple formula to make your All Blacks jersey lunch date fit:

Jersey + Short Skirt + Thigh High Boots + Trench Coat (And chuck on a fedora hat if you have one!)

If you’re 5’3” or under like me, wearing a mini skirt creates a longer line and the illusion of being taller than you really are. 

But the mini skirt as an item of clothing has copped a lot of flak - “Ewww… it’s so slutty!” “WTF is she wearing?” 

You could totally get around wearing one and look like a ‘respectable’ lady. 

First of all, you need a skirt that won’t roll up to your bum when you put your arms up. That’s an okay length to work with. 

Tuck your rugby jersey into your skirt to create a higher, defined waistline so your legs look longer.

Then you chuck on some thigh high boots to create coverage. (I know what you’re thinking - thigh high boots are normally seen as another ‘sexy’ item of clothing but bear with me for one sec…)

Lastly, throw a trench coat over the top of your outfit. The loose, flowy outerwear softens the tight silhouette underneath and you’ve got yourself an arty, chic and put-together outfit for a lunch date! 

Stay tuned - I’ll be wrapping up the End of Year Tour with Part III of the All Blacks lookbook next week - when we play our World Cup nemesis France! xx


Trench Coat | Moochi (similar here)
Top |  All Blacks Jersey
Skirt |  Atmos&Here
Boots |  ASOS (similar here)
Bag |  Deadly Ponies
Hat |  Anthropologie (similar here)


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