Welcome to the Jungle - Part I

Welcome to the Jungle - Part I

Kenzo x H&M outerwear lookbook

Kenzo x H&M - You had me at the Facebook targeted ad. 💸💸💸

The extremely limited Kenzo x H&M collection dropped on the 3rd of November. So I decided to give the All Blacks lookbook a little break this week ‘cos

1. I want to stay on top of the game and be topical. (Who wants to see a lookbook of a collection a year after it launches? I don’t want to be ‘that guy’ that has just started watching the first season of Game of Thrones.)

2. The All Blacks lost to Ireland so I need this to sink in a little…

Before the launch date, I swear I saw the Facebook targeted post about 201319 times. (Good one H&M New Zealand. I guess I was smack-bang in the middle of your target market!) I was very excited about the collection but I told myself, “Vikki, don’t become one of those people that line up outside H&M at 5am!” 

Self-control was well intact until I got a phone call from my sister, “Hey, guess what? I’m in line! It’s not completely sold out yet but I’m only allowed 5 things max. I’m getting the bomber jacket but I’ll also pick some shit up in your size! I don’t care if you don’t like it or not ‘cos I’m sure someone else will if you don’t.”

After work at around 7pm, I decided to set foot in H&M Sylvia Park for the first time to ‘have a browse’. Half an hour later, I was that crazy lady that had 0 shame and hiding in a corner trying shit on outside the changing room with my boyfriend being a human clothing rack. 

I could have easily hit the limit of 5 garments but I kept my cool and only went home with 3 items. (Well actually I bought 4 things ‘cos my sister picked up a sweatshirt for me! But life is good when you have a sister you can share clothes with - which is why I got 8 pieces to style/play with 😏😏😏)

The look and feel of this collection mirrors my attitude in H&M and can be explained in one hashtag - #nochill. 

Usually these high fashion x high street crossovers could be a hit-and-miss. But this one hits the spot for me. 

It’s loud, bold, colourful and it doesn’t give a fuck whether you like it or not. It’s so Kenzo - and I love it.

The thing is, how do you work something as #nochill as this into your everyday wardrobe? Well, here’s my take on styling the Kenzo x H&M collection! (Disclaimer: Some of these looks are not quite ‘everyday’ ‘cos the pieces are loud as fuck but I ain’t gonna tell you to just slap on a pair of jeans for all the looks - which would totally work but that’s just slack right? 😂😂😂): 

1. Bomber Jacket: A-Side (The safe side)

The bomber jacket is still very ‘in’ right now. This reversible bomber jacket is black on one side and has a green pattern on the other side. It’s versatile enough to be easily worked into your winter/crazy Auckland Spring outfit cycle.

And because I was wearing the ‘safe’ (black) side out, I styled it with a loud patterned Kenzo top to put a bit of colour back into the look. The puffiness of the bomber jacket works well with a pair of skinny jeans ‘cos at my height, this jacket probably won’t work with something too loose or you’ll look like the Michelin Man. Chuck on a pair of platform boots to elongate your figure. 


Bomber Jacket  Kenzo x H&M
Top |  Kenzo
Jeans |  Topshop
Boots |  Puzzle from i.t.

2. Bomber Jacket: B-Side (The slightly edgier side)

Who says you can’t do pattern on pattern? 😂😂😂

Clashing patterns could be tricky but you can come out not looking like a train wreck by: 

  1. Keeping it in the same colour family
  2. Making sure the patterns aren’t of the same scale (as irregular and random as possible). It’s a little hard to explain but it’s sort of like, eating fig jam with cheese taste awesome even though they’re distinctively different.

I styled the patterned side of the bomber jacket with a Kenzo blouse that has blue and green print on it. It’s very loud but I reckon the visual collision worked ‘cos the colours and patterns go well together.

But to be honest, whatever. I kinda wing it most of the time. I just put two pieces together and see if they visually work. 

Special mention: I chucked on my crazy platform Mary Janes I bought in Japan ‘cos why would you only do 2 patterns when you can do 3?

Anyway as you can see, you can wear the shit out of this bomber jacket so for NZD$219.99 - This. Is. A. Steal. 



Bomber Jacket  Kenzo x H&M
Top |  Kenzo
Skirt  Charlie's Laundry
Shoes |  Tsumori Chisato

3. Kimono Jacket: A-Side (The ‘nice’ side) 

This is the ‘nice’ and 'quiet' side of the fully reversible Kimono Jacket! (Imagine what the other side looks like!) 

It’s an interesting piece ‘cos the material is thick, cushy and quilted like a bomber jacket but the cutting is based on a Japanese kimono so it has this boxy, structured look to it. 

I think it’s a great piece for layering in winter but it’s all good to wear it in spring as a statement piece if you keep the zip up and wear nothing underneath. 

The floral embroidery is bold, feminine and empowering. The collision of the Eastern and Western aesthetics worked in harmony. It’s like a great fusion restaurant (not the offensive type that butchers Asian cultures) which is why I like it very much. 😍😍😍


    Kimono Jacket  Kenzo x H&M
    Choker |  The Bread and Butter Letter
    Skirt  Charlie's Laundry
    Boots |  Puzzle from i.t.

    4. Kimono Jacket: B-Side (The ‘naughty’ side)

    Orange Is The New Black isn’t only a TV show or this meme of Donald Trump and Barack Obama. It’s also how I feel about this jacket. I love the black side but when you feel like you don’t give a shit about what others think, wear this side out instead! 

    If you want to wear it with a bra top to keep the look edgy, try pairing it with a high-waisted midi skirt so you’re not showing too much skin. 

    It’s actually surprisingly easy to find things to match with this. I reckon this would look great with denim or cropped pants too. 

    So… which piece was your favourite? Did you get anything from the Kenzo x H&M collection? Hit me up with your outfits xx

    P.S. There’s a Part 2 to this! Maybe Part 3 even! 


    Kimono Jacket  Kenzo x H&M
    Bra  Calvin Klein
    Choker |  From Japan (similar here)
    Skirt  Charlie's Laundry
    Boots |  Puzzle from i.t.

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