Every sculpture tells a story

Every sculpture tells a story

Captve Jewellery

My take on Blue Steel

Canadians are like the Kiwis of North America.

I see a lot of similarities in Canadians and Kiwis. Weโ€™re chilled, unassuming, creativeโ€ฆ (Haha Iโ€™m sort of killing Kiwisโ€™ reputation here by boasting how cool we are)

I remember going on an exchange programme years ago and found myself effortlessly bonding and making friends with a bunch of Canadians, while the Aussies befriended the Americans ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

A couple of months ago my boyfriend showed me the Instagram account of this Canadian jewellery label, Captve

My jaw dropped. I instantly fell in love with the insanely beautiful, intricate designs.

 Manus Double Finger Ring Manus Ring

Hailing from Montreal, Captve straddles the realm between jewellery and sculpture. Every piece is a hand-carved work of art.

Iโ€™m honestly shitting myself at this amazing opportunity to collaborate with Captve and do a photo shoot for their Manus collection!

In this shoot, I wore the Manus Ring, the Manus Double Finger Ring, the Manus Arm Necklace and the Ruin I Ring

These pieces are stunning!

Iโ€™ve styled them with a boyfriend bomber jacket and a black mock neck dress for an edgy, donโ€™t-fuck-with-me look. (And thanks to the person who parked his/her awesome motorcycle outside the gym! Iโ€™m forever grateful for the kind placement of your vehicle.)

Iโ€™ve tried these pieces with some other outfits for another photo shoot and the jewellery matched perfectly with the different styles I was rocking. What fascinates me is that, whether youโ€™re a girly girl, a tomboy or somewhere in between, these pieces just seem to be able to adapt to the aura of the wearer and tell the story of whoever thatโ€™s wearing them.

I believe this unique quality came from the creative process.

When the maker creates an object with love, the object carries a storytelling quality - because it has soul in it.

Mad respect for Captve Jewellery! xx


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