Every sculpture tells a story

Every sculpture tells a story

Captve Jewellery

My take on Blue Steel

Canadians are like the Kiwis of North America.

I see a lot of similarities in Canadians and Kiwis. We’re chilled, unassuming, creative… (Haha I’m sort of killing Kiwis’ reputation here by boasting how cool we are)

I remember going on an exchange programme years ago and found myself effortlessly bonding and making friends with a bunch of Canadians, while the Aussies befriended the Americans 😂😂😂

A couple of months ago my boyfriend showed me the Instagram account of this Canadian jewellery label, Captve

My jaw dropped. I instantly fell in love with the insanely beautiful, intricate designs.

 Manus Double Finger Ring Manus Ring

Hailing from Montreal, Captve straddles the realm between jewellery and sculpture. Every piece is a hand-carved work of art.

I’m honestly shitting myself at this amazing opportunity to collaborate with Captve and do a photo shoot for their Manus collection!

In this shoot, I wore the Manus Ring, the Manus Double Finger Ring, the Manus Arm Necklace and the Ruin I Ring

These pieces are stunning!

I’ve styled them with a boyfriend bomber jacket and a black mock neck dress for an edgy, don’t-fuck-with-me look. (And thanks to the person who parked his/her awesome motorcycle outside the gym! I’m forever grateful for the kind placement of your vehicle.)

I’ve tried these pieces with some other outfits for another photo shoot and the jewellery matched perfectly with the different styles I was rocking. What fascinates me is that, whether you’re a girly girl, a tomboy or somewhere in between, these pieces just seem to be able to adapt to the aura of the wearer and tell the story of whoever that’s wearing them.

I believe this unique quality came from the creative process.

When the maker creates an object with love, the object carries a storytelling quality - because it has soul in it.

Mad respect for Captve Jewellery! xx


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