Putting it on the line

Putting it on the line

Charlie's Laundry Fashion Show

Photographic evidence shot by the talented Winston Gee to prove that I was at the show. Just chillin' with my awesome friends and casually holding some used serviettes.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Mad Men world, a ‘creative’ is not a grammatical error. It’s a person that makes a living from coming up with ideas. 

I work in the advertising industry as a creative.

This means that 99% of the ideas my creative partner and I (Well, apart from shopping, Begoña is the more talented one out of us two - check out her amazing paintings here) come up with go into the bin. 

You learn to grow a thick skin pretty quickly. 

Facing rejection is like brushing your teeth. You almost masochistically miss it when an idea miraculously makes it through without any feedback once in a blue moon.

So what has my job got to do with a fashion show? 


What's the hardest look to achieve with makeup? The 'no makeup' makeup! #nailed by the beautiful and talented Eleanor Dorn 

When my boyfriend decides to put a fashion show together for his first collection, we scratched our heads thinking, “So many things have already been done. What should we do?” On top of trying to stay original, let’s be real - our budget was the smell of an oily rag. Of course you can build an entire runway into a supermarket if you have the budget of Chanel. But we had literally nothing.

To figure out a cost-effective way to put the show on (and in hopes of coming up with an idea to tie everything together), we had our ‘brainstorm’ session at our favourite Vietnamese restaurant in East Tamaki. (This is like, authentic AF Vietnamese. Not the ‘Ponsonby’ kind of Vietnamese.)

Since the name of his label is called Charlie’s Laundry, we joked about how this fictional character Charlie could be the coolest dude in town and the pieces shown in the show are fresh out of his laundry. Then we thought, why don’t we literally hang the clothes on a clothing line and have the models dress themselves as they walk the runway? 

I vividly remember that moment when we high-fived each other in the restaurant thinking, “This. Is. The. Shit!” (The 100% effort, sore palms kinda high-five.)

But this isn’t the end of the story like most briefs we get in advertising. 


The idea we threw around in a South Auckland Vietnamese restaurant became the 1% that made it unscathed and was realised in its purest form. 

The execution was far from perfect. But it was raw, unpretentious and unapologetic.

It was brought to life.

Thanks to the talented people behind the scenes who worked tirelessly to make this happen.

You know who you are xx


While I was oohing and ahhing with my iPhone camera, these amazing runway shots were executed by JWNZ


Clothing by | Charlie's Laundry (Website here, Facebook here, Instagram here)

Photos by |  JWNZ (Website here, Facebook here, Instagram here) and Winston Gee (Facebook here, Instagram here)
Thanks so much for allowing me to feature your amazing work!

Makeup by | Eleanor Dorn (Website here, Facebook here, Instagram here)

Hair and venue provided by | Hèlmut (Website here, Facebook here, Instagram here)
Simply couldn't have done the show without you guys! x

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