I started this blog literally like a deer caught in the headlights - wtf have I done hahaha...

/vik-ee-pee-dee-uh/ n.

1. An excuse to ‘make use of’ my online shopping. 
"I’m THE girl that 98% of the office’s DHL delivery goes to. Why don’t I start a blog to make use of what I bought and give me an excuse to buy more stuff? I need a name that rolls off the tongue. Vikki + Wikipedia = Vikkipedia (#micdrop)"

2. A fashion and lifestyle journal, where Vikki shares the shit out of what she loves and documents the evolution of her wardrobe until the day when it bursts at the seams. 
"I’m gonna make Vikkipedia my own version of Wikipedia for fashion, travel, beauty, great eats… and who cares if I get this wrong? No one is there to revise my entries ha ha ha…"

Well, shit’s gonna start somewhere… Vikkipedia, a miniscule version of Wikipedia is born. It’s a desperate attempt to justify my addiction for shopping, hidden behind a fashion and lifestyle journal… (insert slow clap here)

It only took about 3 years of owning the domain name and another 2 years of doing SFA about the idea before I started writing. I’d be telling my forever encouraging friends that I was ‘working on’ my blog idea, when they’re too nice to say “stop fucking around” to me. 

In terms of my style influence, I don’t have a favourite decade (80’s, 90’s, 2000’s), nor do I consider myself part of a fashion movement (hipster, minimal, boho). I just wear whatever I feel like on the day. Perhaps, by not having a specific style I’ve kind of created my own style?  😏 😏 😏

My question is, why are we so worried about getting it wrong? 

If you wanna wear your MC Hammer pants, wear your MC hammer pants NOW. You don’t have to wait ‘til your next dress-up party to rock them. I wear mine to work!

Thanks for jumping in this chaotic, at times slightly mad, but mostly fun ride with me!